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Badmotherfucker 2 years ago
Ugliest things I’ve ever seen
Katie P. 2 years ago
Aww we...that's such a precious little wee wee. I just love it, it's so tiny and huggable.
1 year ago
“Blowing a dude” don’t fucking lie to me. I didn’t come here to watch lesbian porn
1 year ago
Poor dude........Wonder if he knows there are actual,legitimate MIDGETS with bigger dicks
3 inch Weiner,lol 2 years ago
Teaspoon of blood fills that up.lol
Bill 1 year ago
I think he has a cute little black dick.
Hey 1 year ago
Mexicans usually have big fat dicks.....all the white girls in texas and Alabama are sucking n fucking them big fat beaner dicks
LAMIA 6 years ago
small cock, no deepthroat ??
SAD 5 years ago
Tiny little weeny cock lmao
Benji 1 year ago
Honestly the guy's dick is quite average, close to 4.5 inches I'd say. Y'all talk too much